Screenplays & Teleplays

Original Television Specs

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (Television Spec Script)

Honored by Creative Screenwriting’s AAA Teleplay Contest & Austin Film Festival


SOUTH PARK (Television Spec Script)

Honored by the Austin Film Festival


MARS (Original Television Pilot. First-Act Only)

A Martian colony falling apart. Disgruntled construction workers. Weird science. Red-headed sisters with a destiny. All the ingredients for a revolution.


Original Screenplays

DARK MATTER (Feature-length screenplay, psychological thriller, teen drama)

A pathological liar with a killer crush — and a family falling apart faster than the universe. A gun, a science project… and a lot of dark matter.


JO-FM (Feature-length screenplay, dark comedy, 90s period piece)

A has-been goth deejay with a stalker. Morrissey. Lots of Morrissey.


GRUNGE IS DEAD (Feature-length screenplay, dark comedy, thriller, 90s period piece)

Kurt Cobain’s dead. Jane might be too, unless she can survive the night with her hot, psycho boyfriend.


UNTITLED KATRINA PROJECT (Feature-length screenplay, action-adventure, crime) 

A storm is coming…


UNPLUG ME (Short film script, science fiction)

You can’t buy love, but you can buy a robot girl in a box. And that’s close enough.



LAWNS (based on the short story “Lawns” by Mona Simpson)

Incest.  A dissection kit. Neatly mowed lawns.


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